Hyperun 1.0.1 update! + SteamKeys contest!

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New features in this update: 

  • Huge replay performances optimisation, now play always at real speed 
  • Replay loading and replay restart optimisation
  • 900 & 1000 km/h achievements deleted 
  • 20,000,000 & 30,000,000 points achievements deleted 
  • Save resolution settings when restart a run and restart the game

Bugs fixes: 

  • Lock controls during auto scale video settings
  • Sometimes it was impossible to watch replays
  • Replay HUD clean
  • Garage unloading optimised after replay start
  • Boost is now unlocked during the run not only at the end of it
  • Good image and behaviour for the sponsors icon in the customisation menu bar
  • After a boost unlock, sometimes this boost was locked again
  • Auto 60fps is now compatible with forced 60fps screens

Feel free to send us feedback about your Hyperun experience/bugs/ask for new content in this form!

/!\ Deluxe DLC is still coming soon! /!\

  • Very old playable versions of the game
  • Procedural OST application 
  • Art director commentary

Have fun!

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