Hyperun 1.0.2 & Deluxe DLC! + SteamKeys contest!

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Here's the Hyperun Deluxe DLC!

A music player to listen to all your favorite tunes from the game:

  • Over 40 tracks of generative music
  • Manual mode and Automatic mode
  • Nice juicy interface
  • Multiple resolutions support
  • Track length selection
  • Single Track selection
  • Speedometer

Three Playable Historic Builds:

  • Version 0.0.1: The first Hyperun prototype ever!
  • Version 0.1.0: This version was showcased at Stunfest 2016, and won public acclaim.
  • Version 0.2.4: This version includes a new vehicle, boosts, new musics, curved roads... !

And here's the second Hyperun update!

Bugs fixes:

  • Twitter GIF export
  • VSync for Automatic graphic scalability
  • Bike sponsors texture loading
  • Bike asset in tuto
  • Texture streaming
  • Sphere asset in customisation
  • Introduction video unloading
  • Credits

Please send us feedback about your Hyperun experience/bugs/ask for new content in this form!

Drive as fast as possible with style! ;)

Corentin, Tomavatars, MatLab

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