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Stealth and rebellion in a totalitarian government.

Fight for freedom of people by painting graffitis, destroying power figures and sticking fish on the back of state guards, without being caught and sent to jail!


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PublicEnemy - Windows 64 92 MB
PublicEnemy - Windows 32 73 MB
PublicEnemy - Mac 63 MB
PublicEnemy - Source (Unreal Engine 4 project) 37 MB


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Definitely the gentlest sowing of dissent that I've ever encountered in the video games. I was particularly keen on the different rules which different coloured guards had and the whistling was sublime.

Great game guys, keep up the good work!

Brilliant game and tons of fun! Such an excellent combination of unusual ideas!

And I found a secret room! :) Are there any more hidden areas?

You guys should really expand on this one.

omg zo stressful but AMAZING!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Now with ending! Awesome game!

Also reminds me a bit of Photobomb.

PS: Damn, I love your sounds and voice actors.


Thanks for your compliments about my voice :)
Try MacGuffin, there are a bit of these in it too and Wondershot is full of voice feedback!
Thanks again!


Love it!

Unfortunately it seems to freeze after destroying the altar thingy. :(

Reminds me of the 2D GGJ game Act Natural.


Nice video! We will look into that crash!


The tutorial is now fixed. You can play the full game! ;)

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