Hyperun will be released on 8th of September!

THAT'S IT! Hyperun will be released on 8th of September!

You can now play the last update before realease: Hyperun 0.6 - Explosive Update!

. New discord channel: https://discord.gg/UBcUUjS
. Plenty of new far and near props : islands, zeppelins, flags, holograms, birds, lightning, buddhas, dragon, burgers...
. 1000 km/h music and soundwall
. Imrpoved crowd ambiance sound
. Super fast leaderboards
. Realtime rivals update
. New SuperLeroy99 ads

Bugs fixes:
. Bike orientation after burning
. Tricklist display
. Road distortion
. Collisions
. Triple tunnels
. Woosh sounds
. Voices
. ETHscan material
. Localization
. Landscape distance


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Jul 12, 2017

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